Established in 2006, our 1 million square foot nursery located in Al Rabha grows a wide range of plants, shrubs, trees, and ground covers. In our specially built state of the art facility, we have the capacity to grow and nurture a large range of different plants. Our team of inhouse horticulturalists have the experience and knowledge required to create the ideal conditions and setting for your choice of soft landscape.

The nursery has affiliations with several nurseries outside the UAE making sourcing any plant possible. By incorporating the latest technologies in propagation, maintenance, and acclimatization we can guarantee that our plants will be as fresh when they leave to be planted as they are in our care.


Palm trees (Aceraceae) are iconic tropical and hot climate forest plants.

Shrubs & Ground Cover

Ground covers are perennial plants used as grass substitutes in regions where grasses do poorly, or they are


Trees are a vital part on any ecosystem and a great addition to any garden or green area.