Design & Build

Design & Build

GCL offers a comprehensive range of engineering and design services across a range of industries. With a solid reputation as a trusted, complete solution for large-scale projects in the UAE and wider region, our engineering and design services include:


  • Landscape
  • Water Features
  • Process Engineering
  • Pipeline Modelling and Installation
  • Electrical Layout and Installation
  • Design and Selection of Mechanical Equipment
  • Building Construction
  • Civil and Structural Works
  • Water and Sewage Networks
  • Interior Design


Our team uses cutting-edge software, such as business information modelling (BIM), to improve the efficiency of our planning and design and give our clients a detailed preview of their projects prior to breaking ground.

By incorporating the latest technologies during the early stages of our engineering and design, we ensure our clients always receive the highest possible quality at every stage of the project development.

In House Design

With 20+ experienced specialists in design and architecture we have the in-house capabilities to translate your vision into reality.

Project Management

With 20+ experienced and accredited project management specialists we can offer 360-degree governance and oversight